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Calving Difficulties
Life and Death – the stillborn calf
The Calf With its Leg Back
When Bad Turns To Worse -Calving with back downhill
The Downs-why not to pull a calf while a cow has her back downhill
Preventing Dystocia from Large Calves
Grafting A Calf to a New Cow/The Yellow Calf
Elbow Lock in Calving
Backwards Calf
A Vet Call for the Calf with its Head Back
Creepy Calving – A Mummified Calf

Normal Calving
First Stage of Parturition
New Life (Second Stage of Parturition) -when calves happen
Third Stage of Parturition  -everything you never wanted to know about afterbirth
Bottle Calves (or Bucket Calves)

Nutrition, Nursing, and Medications
Hay and Feed
Nursing Problems
First Calf!!!!! Vaccinations
How Now Brown Cow – Copper and Calving
Heifer Brawl and Milking
Spilt Milk – To Cry, Or Not To Cry? -human to human calving relationships
Don’t Wear Your PJs to the Calving Lot – cleanliness and calving
The Calf Heimlich
5 Tips for Better Bottle Feeding

Ranching and Calving Setups
Windbreaks and Calving Lot
Calving Barn Setup
Cattle Movements During Calving
Calving Lot Fences

Ranch Operations
Sorting Heavies
Ranching Law
Cold Weather Calving
Tractor Tire Drama
Calf Taggin’ Shenanigans
Heifer Brawl and Milking
When Predator Becomes Prey
Standard Calving Day
Bad Bovine Hairstyles– cattle temperament
Cleaning Stalls and Chasing Cows
Standard Ranch Birthday Weekend
Testicles, It’s What’s For Dinner
Bull Testing