Index of Links

Iowa Beef Center, Clostridial Disease Handbook

University of Wisconsin, Managing Clostridial Diseases in Cattle

Texas A&M, Blackleg and Clostridial Diseases

Angus Journal, Calving in the Cold

Angus Journal, Portable Cattle Shelter Plans

Canadian Cattlemen, Feed the Rumen First

National Cottonseed Products Association, Cottonseed Cake

Cattle Network, 3 Stages of Parturition

Colorado State University, Calving and Handling Calving Difficulties

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Calving

Cattle Network, Colostrum Helps Newborn Calves

Countyside Magazine, Tips on Using an Esophageal Feeder of Nasogastric Tube

Iowa Beef Center’s Beef Cattle Handbook, Feeding Colostrum to a Calf

Guide to Milk Replacers

Oregon State University, Ready for Calving

Alberta Rural Development, Ear Tag Instructions

Z-Tag Application Instructions

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine, Dystocia and Weak Calves (hypoxia)

Oregon State University, Calving School Handbook, Dystocia

NBCEC, Beef Sire Selection Manual

University of Georgia, Factors Affecting Calving Difficulty

Virginia Extension Cooperative, Bull Selection for Heifers

Merck Veterinary Manual, Udder Disorders

Beef Magazine, Younger Cows Most at Risk to Predators

Colorado state University, Determining if the Cow/Heifer Needs Your Help

Calf Sessions, Newborn Calf with Rapid, Shallow Breathing

Calfology, Respiratory Disease of the Bovine Neonate

Temple Grandin, Hair Whorl Patterns and Temperament

Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Managing a Successful Calving Season

The Beef Site, Assisting the Beef Cow at Calving Time

University of Tennessee Extension, Naturally Occurring Multiple Births In Cattle

Colorado State University, Corrections of Common Abnormal Presentations, Positions, and Postures

Special Report on Diseases of Cattle by the USDA, J.R. Mohler – free e-book with a massive amount of information on cattle in general (not just diseases)

Beef Cattle, Is That Copper Deficiency

University of Nebraska, Mineral Supplementation for Beef Cows

Oregon State Extension, Copper Deficiency Fact Sheet

Cattle Today, Copper Deficiency and Profit

University of Florida, Copper Oxide Boluses for Grazing Cattle

Arkansas State University, Effects of Copper Oxide Boluses on Productivity

Oregon State University, Ready for Calving – calving barn setup

Drovers Cattle Network, Zoonotic Diseases of Cattle

The Cattle Site, Joint Ill (Navel Ill)

Beef Magazine, 13 Best Ranch Marriage Tips

University of Missouri, Determining Reproductive Fertility in Herd Bulls

Virginia Cooperative Extension, Predicting Bull Fertility

The Canadian Veterinary Journal, Retrospective Case Study of Fetal Mummification in Cows That Did Not Respond to Prostaglandin F2a Treatment