Tractor Tire Drama 3/4/2014

Today was a slow day. It’s warmer and majority of the snow has melted making every where on the ranch a sloppy, wet mess. Only about 3 calves born today. Why can’t they all calve when the weather is warm?


Basically my day went like this:
Feed cows
Tag Calves
Eat Lunch
Sneak some chocolate chips and a Diet Dr. Pepper
“Help” my husband and father in law fix a tractor tire
Bring in heifers on horseback with my mother in law
Retreat to the basement between checking the heavies

Lets go back to one of those, “Help” with the tractor tire. I have a few points.

I have a book by Gwen Peterson that every ranch wife should own. It is called “The Ranch Woman’s Manual” and can be purchased on Amazon for a mere couple dollars. GET THIS BOOK. It is funny because its true.

Part of her book talks about the occasion when a ranch wife will be called to help in the shop. She goes on to say that this consist of holding and handing things while the man of the ranch works. She says it’s important not to actually take an interest in what the man is doing because inevitably, that will lead to comment, and comments will be met with disapproval and annoyance. Truer words were never written.

I did not heed these warnings, I commented away to the frustration of my spouse and his father. That part is not funny. What is funny is what they were REALLY frustrated about.

The tire tube they were fixing is one of those in the giant rear tire on the tractor. In an attempt to save $250 from calling someone out to fix it, they bought a part online to “break the bead”. After some trial and error, poundings from crow bars, pry bars, and hammers along with some interesting home made tool (I think at some point there was part of a hedge post involved), they broke the bead. Then they have to remove the giant tire from the rim. All of this is physically exhausting and frustrating.

Putting it back on is even harder, especially working in a mud pit. Well after hours they got the tire back on, filled it with air to set the bead, AND THEN realized they were missing a small pry bar. An extensive search showed no hope to find it.

That’s when they realized the only place it could be……in the tire.

With no other option, they started to break the bead again, and heard the tool move inside. They had to break the bead on both sides and remove the front portion of the tire from the rim all over again to get the tool and then put it back together (ranching law anyone???).

My mother in law and I took the chance to remove ourselves from any comments by bringing in the heavies.

Oh the trials of ranch life. I didn’t say this to the guys, but I’ll say what I was thinking:


Oh, and another thing, the tire still won’t hold air.

Maybe the $250 for someone else to fix it would had been worth it.



2 thoughts on “Tractor Tire Drama 3/4/2014

  1. ynnatirb

    That’s hilarious! I may have to get this book even though I’m not a rancher’s wife, it probably applies in most marital / work related situations

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