Ranching Law 2/21/2014

I’ve noticed a trend in ranching that was particularly obvious today:

The only thing constant in ranching is change.

The day started with a plan: feed, tag, retrieve my horse from vacation (he’s been out on the meadow the last couple months taking it easy), meet a girl friend of mine in town for lunch, hurry back, sort heavies, and check cows the rest of the day.

But as ranching law has it, that was not the way my day would go.

Only half the replacement heifers came in to eat, so we had to postpone feeding them till afternoon. My horse was slightly lame when we led him in. My mother in law hasn’t been feeling well and got a Dr. appt. in the afternoon, which meant sorting heavies had to be done in the morning. At 10 am, we left horse back to sort heavies, and at 12:10 pm, I un-saddled my horse and jumped in the car and rushed to town to find my poor friend that had waited 30 minutes in the restaurant in town for me. Lucky for me she grew up on a ranch and knows how ranch life goes. Rushed back to the ranch from lunch, and tagged calves as one more heifer calved.

Awhile back my mother in law gifted a picture to me that embraces the very mindset required by ranch life:


When the day is done, the cows and calves are fed and healthy, one new calf born, 26 cows sorted into the calving lot; good day no matter how it happened.



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