Windbreaks and Calving Lot 2/20/2014

Calves born: 1

Today we hoped to bring in the cows and sort heavies off, but it was very windy. Sustained winds at 25-30 gusting to 55. Cattle don’t seem to work very well in the wind so we decided to wait until tomorrow.


It’s hard to photograph wind.

On our ranch, we are lucky that our calving lot provides protection from all cardinal directions from the wind through tree rows.


Cows and calves can survive cold temperatures if they are kept out of the wind. Today wasn’t very cold, about 35 degrees, but tree rows make a world of a difference in the middle of a blizzard. To learn more about wind protection and calving, the following sites are helpful:

Angus Journal, Calving in the Cold
Angus Journal article with portable cattle shelter plans


This is the one calf that was born today out of the wind thanks to our trees.


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